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Damaged teeth and unappealing dental restorations make it hard to smile with confidence. If left untreated, tooth decay can cause further health problems, including the loss of teeth. To combat decay, dentists remove the damaged tooth structure and replace it with sturdy materials. When you are looking for the best in seamless and lasting dental treatments, Dr. James Dee provides completely metal-free dentistry in Palm Beach Gardens.

Composite, Porcelain, and Tooth-Colored Crowns and Fillings

For many years, the only available prosthetics were entirely metal or included a metal base, such as gold, or amalgam alloys made of tin, aluminum, and mercury. As dentistry advanced, new, natural-looking options were available, including composite resin, glass ionomer, and porcelain. These materials also offer durability and strength, as well as a more natural appearance. At the office of James C. Dee, DMD, our commitment to the best dental care possible means we only use offer completely metal-free treatments.

The Benefits of Metal-Free Dental Care

Numerous advantages make composite resin, porcelain, or white prosthetics the preferred options for dental patients, including:

  • Color – Cosmetic dentistry is both a science and an art. White prosthetics, such as crowns and bridge, can be customized to closely match the existing tooth in appearance and luminosity, mimicking natural enamel.
  • Strength – Tooth-colored materials are quite strong and can withstand biting and chewing pressure. You can expect your metal-free restorations to last for many years. Patients who choose white prosthetics for molars also have options that prevent them from wearing down over time.
  • Flexibility – Because of their strength and appearance, tooth-colored restorations can be used on all teeth.
  • Conservative Care – Composite used in fillings and resin veneers bonds to the tooth, allowing for better strength and preservation than patients can expect from traditional materials. These treatments provide support to the existing tooth structure, improving dental health after tooth decay.
  • Non-Corrosive – Unlike metal fillings, white fillings aren't prone to erosion.
  • Simple Upkeep – Porcelain and composite are easy to clean and maintain, and are highly resistant to further decay. Teeth that have been treated with fillings and crowns can be cleaned as normal teeth.

Our goal is to help your smile look as healthy and beautiful as possible. While we provide tooth-colored restorations at our Palm Beach Gardens dental office, the best-case scenario is a decay-free smile. Dr. Dee encourages patients to properly care for their teeth to avoid cavities and damage caused by bacteria. You can drastically reduce your risk of cavities, gum disease, and other dental issues by maintaining a daily cleaning routine. This includes brush teeth twice with fluoride toothpaste and flossing to remove the buildup of bacteria between the teeth. 

During routine dental visits, Dr. Dee can monitor your oral health and check for any signs of decay. If problems are detected, our team can recommend a conservative restoration that looks great and supports patients’ confidence.

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