Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Our cosmetic dentist understands the power of a radiant smile and how dull teeth can affect confidence. If your smile looks yellowed or discolored, it’s time to consider teeth whitening in Palm Beach Gardens with Dr. Dee. This treatment is one of the most convenient, effective, and popular cosmetic dental services available.

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Which Whitening Method Provides the Best Results?

Many dental offices and over-the-counter products advertise same-day whitening. However, Dr. Dee finds this approach to whitening can increase tooth sensitivity and may not be the best way to achieve dependable, lasting results. At his cosmetic dental office, Dr. Dee provides take-home whitening kits with customized dental trays.

While drugstore products also include mouthpieces and whitening gel, only a dental office can provide dental trays that are fabricated to precisely fit the unique contours of your teeth. When you visit Dr. Dee for a brighter smile, you will receive meticulously contoured dental trays for your personal use. Our office devotes as much time as possible to creating these trays so you can effectively obtain a brighter smile.

These trays hold the dental bleach in place, preventing a mess, and allowing the whitening agents to create the best possible results. The sensitive soft tissue is not affected by the trays; your home whitening experience is created to be as comfortable as possible.

Customized Teeth Whitening in Palm Beach Gardens

Before providing your professional bleaching kit, Dr. Dee evaluates the health of your smile and takes note of any tooth decay, signs of gum disease, or existing restorations. Whitening treatment works best on teeth that are otherwise healthy; any outstanding dental issues should be corrected before trays are provided with removed dental stains.

If you are experiencing gum inflammation, Dr. Dee provides periodontal care to improve your health. If you would like any overall brighter smile but currently have older dental crowns, bridges, or veneers, Dr. Dee recommends the placement of new restorations that are shade-matched to whitened natural teeth.

To create your custom trays, Dr. Dee takes an impression of your smile. Once design and fabrication are complete, you are provided with gel to take home as well. Patients typically wear their whitening trays for 20 minutes, several days a week. Your bleaching regimen is recommended based on the level of dental staining you are experiencing and how white you would like your smile to be overall.

Alternatives to Dental Bleach

If you have highly sensitive teeth or dental enamel is too deeply discolored to be effectively whitened, Dr. Dee provides porcelain veneers. These slim restorations are placed over the front of dull and minorly damaged teeth to help your smile appear bright and healthy. If you are not a candidate for whitening, our comprehensive cosmetic services can still help you achieve your desired appearance.

Comfortably achieve a whiter smile from home in just a few weeks! For more information about teeth whitening in Palm Beach Gardens, contact our cosmetic dentist today for a consultation. We look forward to helping you smile with confidence.

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