Dental Implants

Implant Restorations with Dr. James Dee

With dental implant services in Palm Beach, FL, Dr. James Dee is able to provide patients with reliable treatments for missing teeth. Whether a tooth was knocked-out in an accident, or was extracted due to failure of previous restorations, implants provide a lasting solution to aesthetic and functional dental problems.

Why Choose Implants?

Implants are the gold standard in modern dentistry for replacing missing teeth. While traditional prosthetics, like partial and full dentures or fixed dental bridges, can be effective as well, patients can experience issues with these restorations over time. Dentures can easily become loose or have a negative impact on soft tissue and existing teeth. Dentures also do not properly stimulate bone health, often preventing patients from achieving a fuller facial structure. 

Implants, on the other hand, provide the following benefits:

• Life-long stability
• Close match in aesthetics to real teeth
• Comfortable fit and feel
• Restoration of biting and chewing power
• Lowered costs to maintain over time

As implants are surgically placed into bone, they are able to mimic the behavior of natural tooth roots. Implant patients therefore maintain full and healthy facial structure as they age. Dr. Dee works closely with local oral surgeons to support this initial phase of treatment for optimized results.

Restoring your Smile with Implant Teeth

Our Palm Beach Gardens implant dental services include the restoration of your dental health, function, and aesthetics through the placement of new teeth that are supported by implants. Once your implants have healed, and posts have naturally merged with bone, they will be strong and stable to support the pressure of routine biting and chewing.

Whether you’re missing one tooth or several, Dr. Dee provides implant-supported crowns to ensure that your smile looks whole and functions naturally. Your new tooth or teeth will be color-matched to ensure they blend with surrounding natural teeth – no one will have to know you’ve had your smile restored. With routine brushing and flossing, your dental implant can last a life-time. Dental implants are the lasting, comfortable, and no-fuss way to achieve a renewed smile after having teeth lost or extracted.

Schedule your Implant Consultation in Palm Beach Gardens

If you’re interested in implant teeth replacements, contact Dr. Dee today to learn more about this treatment and whether it will work for you. After an initial evaluation, Dr. Dee works with a specialist to coordinate all phases of case, including surgery and in-office implant restorations. We look forward to showing you the difference that stable new teeth can make!

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