Periodontal Disease

Dr. James Dee Provides Periodontal Treatment in Palm Beach Gardens

Gum disease is common and can occur because of ineffective oral hygiene or a genetic predisposition to soft tissue problems. While gingivitis and periodontal infection are serious oral health problems, there are treatments available to restore your oral health. Dr. James Dee helps patients benefit from lasting oral health with gum disease treatment in Palm Beach Gardens. We offer conservative and non-surgical treatments along with thorough patient education to combat periodontal infection.

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What Causes Gum Disease?

Early forms of gum disease, called gingivitis, are caused by inflammation of the soft tissue as bacteria and debris accumulate along and below the gum line. When gingivitis goes untreated, it can advance to periodontal disease, referred to as periodontitis. In this phase of the condition, tartar, a byproduct of bacterial buildup, calcifies and cannot be removed with regular at-home oral hygiene.

Periodontal Care in Palm Beach Gardens from Dr. Dee

Dr. Dee provides treatment for periodontal disease, helping to remove debris and plaque buildup that contributes to inflammation and irritation. When determining your needs and the severity of your condition, Dr. Dee and his team consider other medical history factors that could be the cause of soft tissue infection, including lifestyle habits or genetics.

We provide thorough exams for diagnosing periodontal disease and creating the best plan for alleviating symptoms. Our extensive treatments are focused on re-establishing the stability of your oral health so you can enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile.

Non-Surgical Treatment Options

At Dr. Dee’s dental office, we support patients’ periodontal health through the least invasive manner possible, including non-surgical periodontal treatments, such as root planing and scaling, also called a deep cleaning, which removes infection-causing materials from beneath the gum line. During your teeth cleaning, Dr. Dee thoroughly cleans along the roots of teeth, smoothing the surface to prevent bacteria from reaccumulating. This treatment process also helps tissues heal and adhere to teeth.

To improve results and further eliminate bacteria, we apply topical antibacterial solutions. This treatment helps ensure your smile is free of disease and can effectively recover from infection.

Maintaining Healthy Gums in the Future

After treatment for gingivitis or periodontitis, it’s important that the health of your smile is maintained to prevent re-infection. Strategies for better hygiene can include a thorough at-home routine with the appropriate dental tools and products to keep your smile healthy. Dr. Dee provides tips for comprehensively cleaning all surfaces of teeth and may recommend more frequent dental cleanings, every three months instead of six.

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Our team serves the Palm Beach Gardens with comprehensive treatment for gum disease. We pride ourselves on providing patients with the care they need to preserve their oral health and avoid the complications of soft tissue infection. Please contact our office today to make the first step to a healthy, long-lasting smile.

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